Sudan: Recovering from the Atrocities of War

What originally started as a college senior’s feeble attempt to plan his future has finally become a reality: I am now in Sudan. After a 21-hour flight from Los Angeles to Uganda, three days of waiting in Uganda to get a Sudanese visa, and a one hour (scary) flight from Entebbe to Juba, I finally made it into the country that I will be calling “home” for the next several months.


My home does not have running water or electricity; a candle has now become my new best friend. I do have a shower, an amazing shower that slowly drips the Nile’s water from a tank on the roof to the top of my head. Although my new home isn’t as comfortable as my home in California, it is definitely habitable. At first, I was constantly plagued with the idea that there was no way I could ever live in such conditions. But as I continue to remind myself that nearly half of the world’s population, over three billion people, lives on less than $2.50 a day, I realize that life in Sudan won’t be too difficult.


Throughout the course of my fieldwork, I will be interviewing various people who are pertinent to my experiences here in Sudan. In order for you to fully understand the context in which the stories are provided, I have created a small video outlining a fraction of Sudan’s lengthy history. Having some knowledge about Sudan’s past will allow for a better understanding and appreciation for the situations the Sudanese people are currently facing.



20 Responses to “Sudan: Recovering from the Atrocities of War”

  1. Kush, thanks for the informative video. Way to keep your thoughts positive as you face this challenging situation. I’m anxious to hear about your microloan interviews.

  2. Oh my god Ank, you have shed a very bright and scary light on life there… Please keep us updated as often as possible.

  3. Arjun and Swarn Bhalla Says:

    Arjun: Enjoy the country, have proper sleep, keep healthy and keep us informed. We here miss you. Hope to see you soon. God bless you and have a wonderful time.

    Swarn: Kanay peenay kah dyan rakhnah. Jis kham kaliyeh gay ho, us may suful ho keh anah. Vah se logo se pyar se renah. God bless you.

  4. you are amazing 🙂 miss you kush


  5. Ankush you are awesome. Keep up the good work and help the people who need to be helped. I dont have any words to express my happiness for what you are doing. I talk to people over here and they ask me what made him think of doing this. Did you talk to him about all this, My answer to them is its God Gift that is making him do this in this young age when people want to enjoy in a way that ruins them. I hope more people can get something out of this and put their lives into acomplishing something good so they do not regret in their lives. GOD BLESS YOU. BE SAFE

  6. Ankush: There is not a day that I turn on the water at the sink to do dishes that I don’t feel guilty, Now I know why.
    Be Safe. Continue to make a difference, and know you are thought of daily.
    Love, Lori (Mrs.Cox)

  7. Ankush: I am sure you are learning a lot about how people live in different parts of the world. Lot of people have no clue from where the sun rises every morning.

    I am sure you will come out a totally different attitude towards life once you finish your stay in Africa.

    Make sure you visit the national parts in Keyna, Zambia etc.

    Enjoy and remember Him all the times.

    Sam Dhupar

  8. Ankush:
    You look like you have a tan! So well spoken on the video; you’ll go far son! Are you picking up any of the language? How are you treated as an
    “American” or is that left unsaid? Obama friendly in Sudan? He’s our hope to regain the respect we have lost for the last 8 years. And of course men and women like you who are making a difference on the ground!

    Stay well, be careful and absorb!

  9. Great update Kush, keep them coming.

  10. Bhaiyaa,

    I loved reading your blog and the brief history was great because I too wish to visit Africa one day, and I am very interested in helping out the various poverty stricken countries, perhaps even joining peace corps. Anyways I am very proud of you and think that it’s awesome you’re doing this

  11. Rosemarie Howard Says:

    Ankush, I am so proud of you to consider such an amazing undertaking, to help create opportunities for voiceless masses who have been so oppressed and forgotten! I believe you have been amazing since you were born, and by your continued excellence and goodwill, will certainly continue to exceed all expectations by making contributions to humanity in ways that few can dare to imagine. Your work is certainly cut out for you, but you’re the man for the job! I am thrilled that your presence is so well received as you continue your work in making a difference in the lives of people who really need it. I look forward to following you in your journey. Keep well and stay safe and know that I am right there with you!

    Rosemarie Auntie 🙂

  12. brittany deno Says:

    Kush — I’m so glad you’re videoblogging your Kiva excursion! I’m totally going to add you to my other RSS feeds 🙂 Keep up the good work, & stay safe!!

  13. kiddah kush….

    damn dude sudan has been through a lot of shit… be careful and thank u for calling me on my bday… meant a lot to me… we should hit up a road trip of some kinda trip wen u get back… love u, love u, and guess wut…. i love u…. GO lakers

  14. Lilly Hecht Says:

    How did you make this video with no electricity Kush? You must be a genius!

  15. Yo Kush I’m hanging out with Adam, Anjan, and Vishal. Just wanted to say very well spoken and articulate video. I also like the written description of your work. You will manage fine…as you probably realize now, we are very fortunate because the US is the richest country in the world. Stay safe amidst all the internal strife and dangers. Let me know if you need anything.

    Your friend,

  16. Kush, you are a HERO, seriously!

  17. Preet Aunty and family Says:

    Hi Ankush… Thank you SO much for sharing the video about Sudan. It makes us realize how we take so many things for granted. You’re doing a great work and we’re all very inspired by positive words. Good luck to you and God Bless

  18. Kendrina "Kenni" Palmer Says:

    Kush! It is so wonderful to hear your updates and learn about the amazing experience you are having. Please keep teaching me more! I miss you.


  19. Martin Mancha Says:

    Great work Ankush, very impressed with your on-screen presence. May the force be with you.

  20. Hey Ankush.
    Good Stuff man. Hope you are doing fine!
    Keep making everyone proud and stay healhty.

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